My Passion for Creative Branding

Serving in Iraq in 2009–10.

The Significance of Branding

The brand is arguably one of your business's most important investments. Resources and assets you obtain from the end result will follow your company for years. It most importantly gives your business identity from all the other brands yelling through their and branding microphones. In turn, this will make it stand out and yell a little too. It will also make the company be unforgettable. Your brand encourages consumers to buy from you, supports your marketing, and improves your image with positive reinforcement.

What Branding Is

Branding gives your business an identity beyond the products and services that it offers. It is your DNA. Branding identifies your company before customers even see your logo.

What Branding is Not

Branding is not limited to a logo and color scheme. Nor is it to make consumers “aware” of your business to buy your products and services.

My Logo Design Process:

Logo design is a very important part of the process of branding a company. I am here to help guide the discovery of a brand’s inner workings and its target audience.

Let’s Work Together on a Brand

Quite a few people I work with have never worked with a brand strategist before. If we work together, I assure you it will be an experience you will never forget.



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Nick Tuma

Nick Tuma

Savvy graphic designer and digital marketer. Science, Structure & Strategy.