When Your Mother Passes Away, Start Something New

Remembering the Little Things About My Mom

  • She loved to burn food.
  • Her passion was gardening and so did her mom/dad.
  • On the way to school some mornings she would speed on the back roads of Cape Coral, FL because we were late. It caught up with her and she received a ticket while my brother and I were in the car.
  • She loved blue cars even though her favorite color was purple. She loved the color of lavender and the smell.
  • She didn’t mind the taste of Spirulina, if you don’t know what it is, look it up. HAHA.
  • Our home growing up smelled like essential oils and vitamins.
  • She loved to talk, phone calls, meetups… I am sure she would like the invention of the cell phone and social media. (She never had a cell-phone back then)
  • She had a contagious laugh.
  • Moo Moos was her thing and she wore them like a runway model.
  • She loved the store's Chicos, TJ Maxx, and Stein’s Garden & Home were her go-to.
  • She saw the good in people even though they messed up.
  • She didn’t look at people’s color, income level, class, or any of that shit… only at their heart and where they are going.
  • She loved art and color and anything creative.
  • She pushed my brother and me into the fine arts.
  • She loved African colors and aesthetics.
  • She loved Aretha Franklin and soul music.
  • Birkenstocks were her go-to shoe of choice.
  • Her handwriting was amazing and quick.
  • She loved to sneak in popcorn and candy to the movies.
  • One of her favorite shows was Seinfeld. I remember her and my father laughing so hard late at night.

The Little Things

A bookmark my mother had. She was an avid reader.

A Good Mother That Tried Her Best

The Business I Started Again in 2020

Essential Oils

Lavender fields that inspired the Aromatherapy Logo.

Aromatherapy Logo

Aromatherapy Logo

A Whistle I Am Still Waiting to Hear



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